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Pool maintenance

A huge maintenance was done this week end :

  • New server for yenten (donated, refurbished) : Dell Power Edge 2950 with 4 SAS disk, 8Go, 2 Power supply, 2 network link (two port), fresh installation with lowlatency kernel.
  • Database cleaned du to last monday issue with bad yenten block… this fucked up all (see the story on btctalk / troll box).
  • New network configuration was made (less latency)
  • New kernel for all server (low latency)
  • All server updated (system)
  • All wallet updated (or at least the most used)

This was a big work for me during the week end….

Stratum server updated

updated to commit f95177cc14755b188b619268f8af419a92f6a935

Pool Front end updated

Pool front end updated to commit 6c09e5f1b909f5f6aaf9bdec490d974d6cad7018

Pool Front End Updated

Front end updated to commit 94c8db3664aace4119333eca751c8d8a4d531dc8



INN update

Innova updated to commit 4d1cf1994352489103e2adc40286dfbb19e8d5c7

N-Engine POOL – SegWit support will be added for the next week.

Be prepared for a crash in december ^^

Redneck vs UFO : Desktop

“Reneck vs UFO” : Turret system ready

Turret system ready

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Introducing turret system and testing FireFX

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“Redneck vs UFO” : alien missile test

Testing the new “alien missile”